May 15, 2015

Loving Right Now

Well this has been a quick but very, very lovely month so far.

If you missed it, last week I said that I was slowing down on blogging and social media for a bit. So here I am, checking in, saying hello - but even just for the last two weeks ago, this "less online" thing has been lovely. Here's what I've been really enjoying for the last little bit.

1. Spring/Summer. Can we all agree that we're in the middle of the world's best season right now? Fantastic. We agree. This is the world's best season. We saw NeedtoBreathe and Ben Rector last weekend with some friends, and it was the perfect evening to be outside for a few hours.

2. Reading. 

Who knew - quitting my bedtime habit of scrolling through Instagram and Facebook has freed me up to read more. Crazy, right? Last week I finished Unbroken and read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (SO good), and this week I'm reading More or Less. Not a bad little list.

3. Spring Cleaning

That's right, Mom & Dad - check out that closest. I'm neat and tidy now! After reading a full book about decluttering and keeping your house in order, we did a major weekend spring cleaning. I took a few big loads of clothes to consignment stores and goodwill, and we worked through our garage & closets. Settling in and getting organized is a progress...but we're getting there!

4. Postmates. This new company just launched in Charlotte, and they're like the Uber of food delivery. As if I wasn't already a fan (helloooo, app that brings tacos to my house), they're delivering FREE ICE CREAM to every customer who wants it through the weekend. And ice cream is my love language.

Sign up here and use my code (wwcvw) for $10 in delivery credits!

5. The Lively Show. I've been getting into podcasts over the last few weeks, and The Lively Show is a favorite. Jess does interviews with different people from around the internet, and there are some really fantastic ones in the archives - Jessica from How Sweet Eats, Caroline from Un-Fancy, and Lara from Southern Weddings have been a few of my favorites.

What have you been enjoying this spring? If you have favorite books (I have a list that I'm adding to) or podcast recommendations, send them my way!


May 6, 2015

Taking a Break

Well hi, friends. Missed you last week! Honestly, I needed a blogging break - and also, I've been trying to be a little more intentional with my time.


Doesn't "intentional" feel like such a buzzword these days?

Whatever - it's the right word for right now.  Over the past few weeks I've been feeling just a little too drained at the end of the day, while still feeling like I can't quitteee get everything done that I need to do. I've simultaneously been feeling like I need to be more productive, but like I also need to build in more time to recharge. So...yes. Being "intentional" with my time is probably the best way to describe it.

This week, that's meant taking a break from social media. I did this late last summer and it was really nice - I think it's nice and refreshing and necessary to just fully press pause sometimes. Last year this was sparked because I was changing jobs and I wanted that transition to have fewer distractions. This time, it's been sparked by my husband.

You see, I go through waves where I struggle with comparison. Can I get an "amen" from every other woman out there? It has waves - sometimes it's relentless, but sometimes I feel confident and like I'm not comparing with others at all. Recently, it's been the relentless kind.  I was talking to Steve on Sunday night about how comparing was impacting me negatively and how I was so tired of it; I said something along the lines of, "I know I struggle with comparing and I want it to stop, but it feels like no matter what I do...I just can't seem to shake it."

It was a hard conversation and we worked through some other things, but a little while later he came back and said, "You know, Haley, why it's hard for you to shake the comparison trap? You spend so much more time on social media than you do with God. Of course you compare your life with everyone else's. You're sitting there, day after day, scrolling through pictures of the rest of the world showing off."

It was not easy to hear, and it's not easy to share here either - but he was right. Your days can be so subtly impacted by the things that you fill your time with, and somehow I've gotten in the habit of spending barely any time reading the Bible on my way out the door (five minutes on a good day), but I have no problem checking my phone at least ten times before noon.  Checking social media just trickles into the empty crevices of life. It's addicting, and it takes over.

So this past Monday morning, I didn't log in to Facebook or Instagram.  I decided that it was time for another break.

Kind of on the same page, I just might slow down on blogging this month. It's one of the most gorgeous times of the year in North Carolina, we're still settling into our house, and work is busy as ever - so in the space of life that I can, I'd like to slow down. Instead of letting my time slip away by always being connected online, I'm intentionally choosing just a few priorities for the month outside of work:

Playing outside (example: the picture at the top is from an outdoor yoga class I went to. It was glorious.)
Re-learning what a prayer life looks like.
Settling into our house.
Reading more.
Spending quality time with Steve.

Anyway, all that to say - I'm taking a break this month to re-focus a bit. I'll still blog, but maybe just not as much.

Let's just say I'm spring cleaning.


Resources if you're struggling with comparison:
The Myth of Effortless Perfection, by Sharon Hodde Miller
There Will Always Be Someone Skinnier

Resources if you want to focus on faith:
SheReadsTruth - online (free!) devotionals; also available for purchase in their app (iOS, Android). This one is a great place to start.

April 24, 2015

Plug In To Your City

I have a confession.

I've been blogging for 2.5 years now, and I'm fairly active on social media. The online world - and especially among bloggers & creatives - is buzzing, and there are really exciting communities and movements that you can be a part of.

A few months ago, I started to join one of these buzz-y internet communities. And - whoops! - pretty soon after that, I quit. It was a group of women who would network, talk, and encourage each other via Twitter chats, blog posts, and emails. I loved the idea at first (and gosh, I feel so negative Nancy talking about this now), but after one or two twitter parties it felt a little 'off' to me and just didn't click. Part of it had to do with the goals & focus of the group, but a huge factor was the fact that for the most part, I would never meet these people. Even though the internet is a fantastic tool, it all felt a little superficial when I knew it wouldn't get past the @'s in front of names. So I quit.

I didn't do start doing this on purpose, but at some point after that I shifted focus and started to plug in more to the local Charlotte scene - and some of this was just by following local groups on twitter and instagram.  Weirdly, a ton of networking and creating relationships is started online these days, and it's been a fun experiment to focus more in Charlotte.

So my confession? That's about it - I've gotten more purposeful and more local with my online life. In the past few months, here are some of the ways that I've been jumping into Charlotte a little more.


what is it? A Craft Beer & Burger festival that donates proceeds the Second Harvest Food Bank.
how I heard about it: online
how I got involved:  I tweeted at them and asked if I could email for more information. After some chatting back and forth, they sent us tickets (again, thank you Corri!) and we saved the date.

 Going to the Moo & Brew Fest rocked because it was in a part of Charlotte that we hadn't been to before (NC Music Factory), and because there were so many breweries & burger spots that came out. We had a blast just the two of us, but I think it's a great event to go to with a bigger group of friends.


what is it? A monthly event with free beer and a speaker from the community. No charge, all are welcome (with RSVP)
how I heard about it: online
how I got involved:  I don't remember when I started following @weloveCLT on twitter, but at some point I did...and then I got on their email list, and then I started hearing about the great events that they put on. When I heard that Ted of the Charlotte Agenda would be speaking this month, I signed up like that (pretend that I just snapped my fingers quickly & dramatically).

The event was last night after work, and it was awesome. First of all, I got to meet a handful of of people that were in my online community because we've read each other blogs or follow each other on twitter, but who I'd never met in real life. That was so fun, once we got past the "Hi I know you but not really" awkwardness. I got to meet new people as well! The great thing about being in a room full of people that (mostly) don't know each other is that it's no big deal to say hi and introduce yourself.  #weloveCLT is doing really cool things in the Charlotte area, and it was exciting to be in a room with so much energy & passion.


what is it? A local newsletter that delivers fresh stories to your inbox, pre-7am every day.
how I heard about it: online

Not every way to plug into your city is a specific event or gathering of people - sometimes, plugging into your city just means supporting the cool things that are happening. And folks? The Charlotte Agenda is the coolest of the cool. The newsletter has great stories, fresh writing and a great sense of humor, and it's the perfect way to stay informed and up-to-date about what's going on in the Queen City. If you're local and haven't yet, you can sign up right here! They don't have a referral program, but maybe they'll buy me coffee (yes?) if you tweet something like "hey @charlotteagenda, @haleybohon told me to sign up!"

You know, we don't know if we'll be in Charlotte for two more years or ten. This wasn't the first city I've lived in, and it probably won't be the last...but while I'm here? I'll be supporting the heck out of it.

No matter where you live, there are farmer's markets, concerts, food trucks, and events here and there. The internet lets us stay connected with people all over the world - and that's amazing! -  but don't forget that it can be used to connect you wherever you live, right now. Get connected, meet people, and then step away from the computer. It's worth it.

follow along! @haleybohon on twitter or instagram
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