December 17, 2014

On My Mind | 10

1. Well friends, this has been a tiring week already.'s Wednesday. So, I'm sorry that things are a little slower over here, but sometimes that happens. Here are some pictures from the photobooth at our company Christmas Party to make up for it.

Not gonna lie...really love how those turned out :)

2. Our little apartment is feeling cozy and festive! The tree that we carried home is setup in the corner with lights and ornaments, we have two stockings hung by the chimney with care, and a few other little holiday trinkets are scattered around. Loving. It.

Also, still loving this picture. And story.

3. And just like there are stockings by our fireplace at home, we now have stockings by the conference room at work. How cute is this?!

Everyone got one this week - such a fun surprise! Love my job.

4. Okay, I wasn't meaning to go on and on about Christmas today, but I just have to brag for a hot second - I am never ahead on gifts, except for this year! One of my bullet journal goals for this month was to finish shopping by the 19th, and it's looking preeetty good over here. If you want to bribe me to tell you what I got you for Christmas, send Starbucks cards. Not a joke.

5. This looks amazing. Also this. Holidays are an excuse to eat as much sugar as you want, right? Whew. Good.

6.  I know I ask this all the time, but I love hearing the answers - what are your favorite books right now? Looking for a few to stack up before we take off a little time for the holidays, per usual.

Let's see, what else...I tried a new workout class this weekend and am SO sore, I'm counting down the days till a little time off for the holidays (five!!), and if you see Steve, tell him that I want a puppy for Christmas. I think that's it ;)

Don't forget to give me some book suggestions...and maybe tell me about the festive things going on in your world right now!


December 10, 2014

20 Ideas for A Rainy Day

Have I ever told you the story behind this picture?

My brother came to visit us in Charlotte back at the end of the summer, and we reeeeally wanted to take him to Food Truck Friday. You know, show him how cool the Queen City could be. Well, this was what the sky looked like when we were about 30 people back in the line for Papi Queso. We kept debating whether or not we could make it to the front of the line and get our Pig Mac's before the rain came down, and we decided to take our chances.

When we were about the 4th group in line, the bottom dropped out. We had waited too long to give up, though, so we decided to tough it out...and we. got. soaked. It was pouring when we ordered, pouring while we waited 10 minutes for the food to be ready, and still pouring when we sprinted the four blocks back to the car. It was the biggest storm I've ever gotten caught in, but that grilled cheese? Worth it.

Even though we haven't gotten caught in a storm recently, we've had our fair share of cold, dreary, rainy days in Charlotte this fall/winter. Especially now that the temperatures have dropped, rainy days make me want to curl up inside with tea and Gilmore Girls, and not leave the house all day. There are about a billion other great ways to spend days like this, though, so today I'm sharing some ideas!


Cake Batter Cookies - please excuse me while I drool.
+ Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies - these are a little extra work, but WORTH it. They're delicious!

+ Nutella Swirl Cupcakes
+ Slow Cooker Stuffed Apples - can you imagine how good your house would smell all day? Mmmm.
+ Grilled Cheese. Any variation. Bacon? Yes. Pesto? DO IT. Grilled cheese sandwiches are the ultimate rainy-day comfort food, if you ask me.


I don't get crafty super often, but I love a good afternoon project as much as the next person! Requirements for me? Inexpensive supplies (or things I have on hand), and a reasonable time commitment - maybe a few hours in the afternoon, but not something that will stretch out for days.

+ Marbled Ring Dishes - You saw these a few weeks ago, right? Loved how they turned out.

+ Mason Jar Candles - tried this in college to give as gifts for girlfriends. It was a fun one!
+ Arm Knit Scarf
+ Painted Mugs - love this monogrammed one!
+ Make a Gallery Wall. I have some wedding prints coming our way this week, so this project has been on my mind :)


Gross days outside are my favorite times to straighten up inside - and now that I'm living in a smaller space, it doesn't take much to make it feel fresh and clean!

+ Catch up on laundry
+ Deep clean something that you haven't in a while
+ Reorganize a closet, room, or bookshelf
+ Clear out old clothes - fill boxes or bags with things to giveaway or take to Goodwill.
+ Decorate for Christmas!


This list is mostly for Charlotte friends - but for everyone else? Rainy days are the perfect time to curl up in a coffee shop, explore a thrift store, or meet a friend for a long, chatty lunch. Here are some of my favorite spots!

+ Amelie's French Bakery - this bakery has the best desserts and is open 24 hours a day. Win!
+ Sleepy Poet Antique Mall
+ Toast Cafe - I met two blog friends (Jenna and Madison) here on a rainy day this weekend, and it was the perfect spot!! Between the breakfast served all day and the chatty cafe atmosphere, Toast is a ideal for rainy day meet-ups.
+ Sunflour Baking Co - Another coffeeshop in a little bit of a different neighborhood. If you go, you have to try the bacon, egg & cheese sandwich on a Cheddar biscuit. To. Die. For.

+ TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods - I love a good TJ Maxx or Homegoods, and rainy days are the perfect time to explore. Shopping there is a little like treasure hunting, so if it's to dreary to be outside...why not?

What do you think - do we have the same taste in rainy day activities? What are your favorite things to do when the clouds are out?


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